Mole Repellent – Outdoor Snake Deterrent – Solar Powered Mole Remover for Mole, Vole, Gopher, Snakes and Other Animals – (8 Packs)


To solve annoying trouble from burrowing animals such as snakes, moles, chipmunks, gophers, and other burrowing rodent animals, you can buy and try the mole remover.

Ultrasonic pest repellent is promised to open a new generation for solar mole repeller technology.


1. Press the “ON” button in the squirrel repellent.

2. Make a pilot hole with a wooden or steel rod with the hope of being easy to push mole repellent for lawns.

3. Insert the raccoon repellent into the ground and keep it 2 inches above the soil.


– Turn on the animal repellent for the garden before 4-5 hours in the sun to get a full charge and ready for use.

– The suitable place to set up is in moist clay. Because it conducts sound well. Dry, peat soil makes the gopher repellent less effective.

– The chipmunk repellent is different from other traditional mole traps. Users need to be patient to get the best result. These harmful animals will drive away after 2 weeks.



  • Excellent work: The gopher repellent works effectively by emitting ultrasound waves to drive harmful animals away. This working way affects and gets the fear of burrowing rodents. They will run away instantly and leave your peace.
  • Efficient solar power: The vole repellent outdoor works all day because of equipped with a solar cell on the top. This mole deterrent cell gets the energy from the Sun in daily time and the solar pest repeller automatically runs to work.
  • Simple installation: With a convenient appearance, snake repellent is totally easy to use. The vole trap instruction is concise so there are not many steps to start the animal repellent.
  • Safe for use: This gopher repellent uses upgraded technology to bring the safest squirrel deterrent outdoor for people. The result of this animal repellent brought is better than other traditional solar mole repellents.
  • Customer policy: The package includes 8 ultrasonic pest repellers. If you have any issue related to using the mole repellent stakes or any questions about it, contact us and we will reply to you instantly. We will deal with your issue immediately if you have any dissatisfaction while using rat traps outdoor.


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